Last night marked our first journey into Sathir's Tomb for RoS Tier 2 raiding.  We went in a little understaffed due to flagging, but we walked away big winners! ;) We're still doign our thing and having a great time rolling on to new targets, along with starting our guild hunter project, two zones down, and hundreds of achievements complete! 

Lately I seem to have a special knack for finding every nook, cranny, and hole to fall into.... and Bid is always there to capture it forever! ;)

Its been a long time since I've been here with a content update, I kept meaning to do it, but we had a long winter with a few of our members passing away in real life, and it just took the wind out of my sails in terms of updating the website and bumping their honorariums off the front page, but its time. 

We finished EoK some time ago (many months ago to be honest), and truthfully it was a good expansion cycle for us.  The farm has worn on now for awhile, and its basically just passing the time and cleaning up a few special achievements we have remaining, going back and clearing up TBM Vanquishers for new members, that type of thing that keeps us busy.  From finishing our hunter series, spending time in Sebilis during HH2017 (oi, that raid tho), and working like a bunch of whirling dervishes on powering up our Artisan Prize augments, we are finding quite a few projects to keep busy with while passing the time. 

As we look towards next expansion, we stand at the ready, but we are always on the hunt for high playtime applicants who are passionate about playing EverQuest!  We are particularly looking for an amazeballs rockstar shaman, as well as a high dps monk or berserker.


It doesn't seem possible but here I am again, so soon, once more with somber news.  We learned this weekend that Marc Grenier, (Kaneazen the enchanter) has passed away.  While Marc was an exceedingly private person and didn't really like to talk about it at all, it was his long-term health issues that saw him come and go from our raiding force as he was able. To those who knew him, his sharp sense of humour will be remembered long after he is gone.  He raided with us last in 2016 during our TBM farm season, and he was always willing to help just about anybody with just about anything, and many of us kept in touch with him via Facebook since then to talk about music and life in general.  He will be missed.

I don't have many words, because I'm just ... beyond shocked and growing weary in my heart and soul of making these posts. I am sad to inform you that Kinvaras has passed away this weekend (pancreatic cancer); and while most of our newer members won't remember him, as its been a very long time since he has played with us; some of us older fart video gamers will remember his time with us in TR.

Chris Storace, aka. Kinvaras

April 6, ??  - March 18, 2017

Chris was a sailor; he was so proud of his service and his time in his Navy. To us, he was an outspoken, fiercely loyal friend who was never afraid to speak up or let his feelings be known. One thing was for sure, you did not want to cross him on the forums, for he'd smack ya back down into place right quick! He was passionate, and i've enjoyed staying in touch over the years via facebook even though its been a few years since he really played with us in earnest.

We'll remember and carry the torch now; rest easy my friend. Despite his Everquest bravado and straightforward take no prisoners manner; Chris was a big believer in kindness and taking care of each other, and doing our part to make the world a better place. The world's a bit better for him having been here, and a little duller without him.

Fair winds, Kinvaras.

James Russ Cheshire, aka. Boilermaker

March 18, 1949 - February 19, 2017

You only had to know Russ for about a minute before you knew he was from Texas, that he had a gentle soul, that he loved his Dallas Cowboys, and that nothing was more important to him then his family.  We are grateful to his wife, children and grandchildren that shared him with us, and for allowing us to be his second family.  Russ was a retired construction worker, and he was surrounded throughout his final journey by family and his wife, Lynne, or as we knew her, Mrs. Boilermaker.  Our love, thoughts and prayers are with them.

In EverQuest, Boilermaker began his journey with TR sometime back in 2005, arriving with a crew of friends from Enlightened Dark.  Its the longstanding joke that he had the longest eval period of anyone in TR history because he had to come and go a few times during his eval time; then ended up formally reapplying in January 2006  as a level 70 cleric with 12000 mana!  He was very excited because he was going to be able to raid during our normal schedule.  For years, he emailed  me every joke I think that crossed his own inbox, and just loved forwarding anything he found amusing.  He was a gentle man who loved to laugh, and make others laugh, that never had an unkind thing to say and in general, lifted the spirits of everyone around him while being a little bit of a rebellious, mischievious soul.

From his great big heart, to that spectacular Texas drawl, he played with us for many, many years before he retired from raiding due to his ongoing battle with cancer.  I always enjoyed his visits to teamspeak, which he had been doing again recently, and just hearing his voice would always warm my heart, with his endless encouragement, sense of humour and jovial manner.  One can barely mention Boilermaker without thinking of Volar, or Volar without Boilermaker, its my sincere hope that Jack was there, waiting to welcome Russ home; that they are once again together today, chatting like the old days and telling stories to each other "old man to old man". 


Ormus Spielberg has done it again!! Since our previously released movies have been so popular, Ormus has made another one to show off the TR crew in action... for those that haven't gotten a chance to see the content that this raiding year has offered up, this will show a glimpse of what we've been up to, and a chance to see some of the end game mobs.

Note: Please right click and choose Save Target as... this will help us with our current bandwidth crunch!

Also -- Wizards of Norrath -- if you'd like to get involved, we have spots aplenty for the best and brightest finger wagglers out there... click here!

Township Rebellion Movie!

Special thanks to Ormus for all of his hard work (again!) towards the final production!

Opening day of Empires of Kunark was a busy one, with the rush to flag and open raid content for the guild, exploring new zones, working progression and doing all the other things at the expansion launch that we love to do - firing off stored collections; banked quests and AA, working on acquiring the new synergy and alliance abilities; you name it, lots to do!  We were able to raid on Day 1, which was our objective, and we knocked The Doorsteps of War encounter over quite handily.  For those who have not yet experienced it, we are revisited by Gorenaire and waves upon waves of her allies who are invading Lceanium. 

The following day we returned to raid in the revamped Temple of Droga for The Summoning of Droga raid.  Since we'd seen both of these raids on beta, we knew exactly what to expect and were able to walk up win and get the job done, earning a Luclin server first for our efforts.  

While it would another week before we had ancients to power up, or the elements to use with them, we've spent a good bit of time since working on an ongoing project to have our int caster brigade set up with Invested Tomes of Obulous.  This item comes from the base tome as part of the Ancient event in Frontier Mountains, and is "powered up" by the Element of Kunark drop from raids in EoK.  You can see the powered up version here:

With the death of both of these raids, Phase 1 of the newly launched Empires of Kunark expansion was cleared for the first time on Luclin, and sent us back into a holding pattern to gather flags for the upcoming Phase 2.   We spent the majority of this time re-maxing out on AA, and working on finishing the AE blockers and various other progression goals.