After what has been perhaps the most leisurely expansion release yet, Torment of Velious Tier Two finally opened up on Sunday, and we were ready to lay down the smash hammer!  In something we haven't done in years, we actually opted to start super early in the day and managed to post a top 5 finish for all three events. 

Here's a sneak peek into the next three raids of Torment of Velious, which take place in the Tower of Frozen Shadow, once again: Heart of Frozen Shadow, Til Death Do Us Part and Tserrina Syl'Tor.



The most recently released expansion for EverQuest, The Torment of Velious featured something new this time around - staggered raid launches to avoid holiday raids over Christmas.  Tier One finally opened up Friday, January 17th, and we were there to smash it down!   Some pictures for your amusement!  For Tier One, we had three server first finishes, two 6th serverwide placements and one top 10 finish for an overall placement of 7th for Tier 1.  Not a bad way to fire up the ole' engines!

A whopping 10 guilds cleared Tier 1 on day one, and more are expected over the weekened as raids hit their normal schedules.  Enjoy some pictoral storytelling... and a peek into the first three raids of Torment of Velious:  Griklor the Restless, Servant of the Sleeper, and Restless Assault which is a modernized, "reinvention" of the Ring War for those who remember it from the original Velious days, which unfortunately isn't a "ring war" anymore in that there is no ring. ;)

Calling all Shaman!  Do you like fast and furious loud walks in a crowded room while looking out for your adventuring party and helping them be their best version of themselves?  Have a penchant for buffing, dotting, and casting like a fiend... calling forth damage like no other?  If you are passionate about the shaman class, we're looking for you!  Find out more here, or send a tell in game to luclin.adetia or luclin.drizerker.  Will also consider high-playtime bards, fabled beastlords, or a high dps necromancer.




It should come as no surprise that once again, I've been too busy IN Eq to deal with the website, but boy did we have a great Tier One opener for the most recent EverQuest expansion, The Burning Lands.  Yes, EQ is still going.  Yes, we are still kicking!  Yes, yes, yes!  Some pictures for your amusement!  For Tier One (more on T2 to come later), we had three server first finishes, two 4th serverwide placements and one top 10 finish.  Not a bad way to fire up the ole' engines.  Enjoy some pictoral storytelling...


So in true TR webpage style, the most recent expansion big finish took places months ago. *coughs*  After the nightmare of finishing off Tier 2, tier 3 was actually quite enjoyable.  Since some time has passed, we're deep into heavy farm, and basically just doing weekly clears, special projects and achievement hunting for new members while we wait for next expansion -- having fun kicking butt, taking names, and getting checkmarks! In the meantime, here's some photos to hold you over!






So in true TR webpage style, this dragon actually died back on April 17th, but our forward march into Tier 3 has been going well -- still have more updates in the queue.  Hoshkar has fallen a couple of times and it was great to be back to killing dragons again!  After the nightmare of finishing off Tier 2, this one was actually quite a treat.


More Updates to come!! We're coming down the home stretch!




If your sole reason to exist is to make other people's lives miserable, perhaps its time you give your head a shake and step away from the computer.

Tier 2 is Dead! Woot! Okay, that was a pretty big deal, so I'll say it again: TIER 2 IS DEAD! Woot!  But to get there, we had to get through two very formidable targets, Drusella's Vault and The Sathir Line.  For those that haven't heard (hah!), this one was a bit of a challenge, but after some serious revamping of our caster DPS we were able to rise to meet the hurdle and jump on over Drusella's Vault a mere 75 attempts later.  Yes, you read that right. 75.  From piles of bones, to more oozes then ya can shake a stick at, this one required a good deal of shaking our collective bacon, then in true vault fashion, proper intercepting and positioning of golems before going on to push it over.


After Drusella's Vault comes the next DPS check, The Sathir Line.  Honestly, once you've rigged to beat Drusella's Vault, this one is all about finding the proper balance of DPS on the available targets. 

Poor Kenur, he just couldn't take being MA one more second!  With spectres and skeletons, Venril, Rile and Drusella Sathir, its a veritible undead extravaganza.  Say it with me people, Damage on the adds is more important then damage on the names!  We were proud to add this fight to our extensive collection of server firsts, and move on with the process of finishing up our flags for Tier 3.  Now we have a little hard earned rest, then its on to Veeshan's Peak and dragons, dragons, dragons!