Everyone who has ever joined TR has had to basically hear the same speech, in one form or another, over the years, but we believe strongly in our core values.   For the most part, we are a guild of adults with jobs and families, and we do things like take off holidays and give extra time off to spend with our flesh and blood families.  We came together over a shared interest in a video game called EverQuest, and we've done alot of great things in our virtual world together.  We are a group of great folks, who have spent way too much time together and have come to care for each other much like a second family.  Just like in our actual families, there are tiffs and spats, and while we may give each other a hard time here and there, woe be the outsider who crosses us.  We may not share the link of blood or bone; but we have the bond of a shared, committed passion, and everyone that passes through our halls becomes one of us, whether its for a few days, months, years, or now, decades. 

Unfortunately, as time passes, and we grow older, some of our online friends become fallen warriors.  This page shall exist to serve as remembrance of them; honor their memories; and share our love for our companions with their families.  Many of us are lucky to have extremely supportive, large families.  Others have TR to fill that need.  And while our group here may never meet their moms and dads, their brothers and sisters, children, spouses; or other loved ones; know that we loved them and remember them, and hope that our stories help you find solace and comfort. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Adam Justin CarrollAaryanna the Enchanter

Adam Justin Carroll

Aaryanna the Enchanter



Brad Ryan Wisniewski

Carnon the Cleric



Jack Frost

Volar the Cleric


James Patrick Koechley

Osar the Cleric

1985 - 2016

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James "Russ" Cheshire

Boilermaker the Cleric


Chris Storace

Kinvaras the Ranger



Marc Grenier

Kaneazen the Enchanter