Congratulations to Bakedd on his epic 2.5 page!  Thanks to Ashran and the assorted dozen or so folks that put in an appearance to lend a hand!

Over the years we've been lucky enough to have some talented folks create a number of videos of TR in action. 

Here are some of them for you to enjoy!



      Township Rebellion 2009 Movie by Ormus                 Township Rebellion 2008 Movie by Ormus  


              Township Rebellion 2007 Movie by Ormus                 Township Rebellion 2006 Movie by Ormus        


           Township Rebellion Halfling circa 2006             Township Rebellion 2005 Movie by Ormus       

by Ormus                                                                                              

Old TR Time Movie circa 200X by Ciner

Welcome to our new home!  Feel free to take a look around and check out some of the new features.  We're still under construction, but come on in!  Forums are now fully operational, and you each have the opportunity to go into your Member profile and enter your magelo number as well as set your time zone, and some other details you may wish to fill out.  We'll highlight some other new features as they are available.  Enjoy, and welcome!

<3 Ade

Sep 5 Won!  Break out the tractors, everybody!

Some of you may have received emails directing you to log in here, as we imported our user today from the current TR website into this, which will be the new home.  You can disregard these emails, and this site for now, but we are prepping/doing maintenance this evening.  Have a great weekend!

<3 Ade

Thank you for coming home, safe and sound.

We're proud of you, and thank you for your service.


Note from Adetia:  I didn't want folks to miss out on Iggnatius's colorful post that was supposed to go up a few weeks ago but we didn't have the appropriate screenies, so here it is in its redacted glory ;) <3. Stay tuned for another update!

Note from Senamil: When migrating this page over, I seem to have unredacted the redacted parts, so here it is in its unredacted glory! Until Adetia reredacts it~


I use the term Worldbeater alot, in reference to damage thrown down by a mob, by a player, or even to describe Mulleg's right hand on a Friday night.  The truth of the matter is, none of those compare to Fumerak, who we've been unfortunate enough to meet, and fortunate enough to destroy.  While I'd love to get into the specifics of how someone gets surprise prison sexed through the internet (Fumerak is a master at this), we'll leave that for a little later.  Until then let's dive right into the first (and best) raid in T4...Unearthing Alra.