My sincerest apologies for the website and server downtimes over the past 3 days.  We lost several hard drives in our raid setup, these have been repaired and it's back to business as usual. 


If you hear of anyone complaining about their bookmark for the TR site not working anymore, as of today, we disabled some old routing that was done during the site prep today.  If an old book mark had in it, folks just need to simply visit and make a new bookmark.

There will be an upcoming outage for the website which will affect any items here off the main site, along with the forums.  ROP display will not be impacted.  Our site is being moved within the current site to offer us better security, etc.  There is no action required on your part as a result of the maintenance, and the outage should take place Friday/Saturday of this week to lessen the impact upon the guild. 

The DNS records were updated this morning.  This means your old bookmarks will start working for this site in the next 24-72 hours for everyone.

Servers were taken offline this afternoon for a brief emergency patch.  They are back online already, but allow yourself time for a quick patch.

The Featured News section in the main menu will now provide all of the news articles like its supposed to.


For those that missed raids last night, we had an enjoyable and extremely productive raiding night!  Our smoothest and fastest Fumerak run, one shot of Sep4, backside of TOFS, and... *drumroll* City of Bronze.  CoB will now be a weekly affair ;)  Great job folks!