Word on the street is that "The Shield" was lonely, and sick of following around guys dressed in yellow; so he's been recruiting more members for his army.... at least we have something to carry Daks' corpses around on now....


Recruiting now open for Shaman, Rogue and Beastlord. Exceptional candidates may always apply. Apply Here

Written by Krink

Ok I know I promised you guys an update with Bixie and Dead Hills pictures like a month ago and I haven’t done that! So here you are! Thank you to Bidaum for the nice pictures and here is the proof of our wins! So now onto what’s new with Township Rebellion . It’s a quiet time for the guild farming like we live in the bread basket of America, we have been clearing Cotf-RoF T3 on a weekly basis! On top of this we have been sprinkling in T2 RoF so that we can get our chase items that go for a whopping 840 coins! Adetia promised that we would do 84 T2 raids so that everyone could get one! Currently we sit at 25 raids done and I can't tell you how excited some of us are to put T2 behind us but it will be worth it! As we move into the holiday season we aren’t up to much other than continual farming and trying to convince Ormus that the Christmas picture doesn’t need to be taken in his gnome torture house! If gnome torture is your thing well stop by Elm Colonial Estates, 105 Terminus Street and check it out, I would advise if you are a gnome don’t go near you may end up the next display.In other news it sounds like froglok monks will be coming into existence at the launch of the anniversary festivities this year. I will be starting a petition to have Adetia turned into a Froglok if you would like to join in on this just drop me a tell at Luclin.Krink.







I was feeling particularly nostalgic today, so I was digging through some old screenshots, and laughing as I went through some very old memories.   So where were we 11 years ago this month?

It was November 2002, and we were eating, breathing and sleeping Planes of Power.  And yes, even back then, we were masters of push and positioning....  check out the wallage in this awesome shot!!


To read a "vintage" front page update from Nov 2002, courtesy of the WayBackMachine -- since we lost all of our early data (/rude you know who), this is the only way to do it...  click here!

Have a quick giggle...



Since Krink has taken over the site updates for TR, that frees me to write about things that are important to me, things I find funny, or issues/events that have particular relevance to Township Rebellion.  In short, I get to post when I want and about what I want, and I'm extremely grateful to Krink for handling all of the rest!


Here in Canada, it is Remembrance Day.

As it is now my home, I have done my best to learn and embrace the cultural differences and observances.   Remembrance Day, much as it sounds, is the day we remember those who gave their lives in military service. In observance of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in recognition of the end of hostilities of World War I, Remembrance Day is celebrated in many commonwealth countries, and the canadian observance includes wearing a poppy over your heart, special gatherings, assemblies at school, and ceremonies in most towns and cities across the country.  Back in the US, it is Veterans Day, a day in which we honor all of those who have served in the military.


TR has a long tradition and a special place in our hearts for being a second home for service members, and we have been home to scores of active duty, wounded and disabled veterans, retired military personnel and the actively deployed.  It has been our honor to fight alongside of you all, even if only virtually, and know that we all support and appreciate the sacrifices you have all made over the years.  Whether you are a simple private or our very own colonel in residence; toughing it out in Afghanistan -- I mean, really, how hardcore was it that Ormus raided from the floor over there?; enjoying your retirement; still climbing the ranks; at sea, home, or stationed overseas; we are SO proud of you, and thankful for your service. 






We've decided that we are now replacing all of our paladins with these shields!

Queen Gorgo: Spartan!

King Leonidas: Yes, my lady?

Queen Gorgo: Come back with your shield, or on it.

King Leonidas: Yes, my lady.

Written by Krink

Recruiting now open for Shaman, Rogue and Beastlord. Exceptional candidates may always apply. Apply Here


Halloween has come to Norrath, and there are all sorts of fun things to do in between our farming of CotF and HoF. Below I have tossed in a link to both EQR and Sony on the Halloween fun. I know its a bit late for some of the stuff but hopefully you can still get in on some spooky fun. In pok there are merchants, with all sorts of goodies from candy to single click illusions aka costumes, as well as quest mobs. While trolling through one of the vendors I was reminded of back when I was a noob, no not just last week, and the Halloween stuff came around I bought a ton of the free candy and stuffed my bags full of it. I swear even though they were just snacks I was still eating Sweetened Gummy Bears come Anniversary time. A huge thank you to Dorinc who threw the house together within 24 hrs of our picture! A few other pictures below from the season.


Sony Halloween

EQ Resource Halloween





Written by Krink

Recruiting now open for Shaman, Rogue and Beastlord. Exceptional candidates may always apply. Apply Here


Call of the Forsaken: CLEARED

3 days after the launch of CotF we downed the final raid! Awesome work to everyone, 6th game wide to finish the expansion! House of Thex consisted of some crazy ugly creations that could only come from the twisted minds of the dark elves! A few lightning clouds later we had figured out what to do, executed and were digging through the chest for some goodies! Thank you to everyone who made this possible! Also big thanks to the Adetia and Ormus who make this guild work!

Old News:

 Day two pitted us against a hive of angry bixies that just kept coming. The raid its self wasn't too bad, we got through it after one minor hitch in the giddy up. This raid left us with one burning question. Does the loot come with a lifetime supply of honey? That is all for this breaking news report hopefully more tomorrow. Krink out


Well the 20th expansion of EverQuest went live yesterday and so much has already happened. We wrapped up the beta testing we were doing on Monday night below you will see some fun pictures of that. Yesterday morning we sat around waiting for the servers to come up after a scheduled 14 hr patch which turned out to be more like 9 but it’s a good thing because we had a lot of ground to cover and not a lot of time to do it! Many people spent all day motoring through progression to open raids and I won’t bore you with the details but a very large thank you to everyone who turned out to help get stuff done!

Now for the fun part the raids! First stop was The Doomscale Horde, 80,000 mobs and one giant robed goon later we were set with the toughest test in this raid figuring out who got what! After a few scuffles and one or two people possibly pushed into the lava we were ready for the next stop on the Township Rebellion Express! After a minor delay to finish the last mission in what felt like an 82 mission arc to open The Dead Hills raid we stopped by to visit Xulous Prime. He proved to be a little bit more difficult for us than the previous raid but shortly fell and his corpse is probably riddled with maggots by now. Leaving us 4th server wide and there we called it a night. More death and destruction to come!