Happy Mother's Day to all of our Township moms out there!! Enjoy your day!  Supposedly the PS3 network has started popping back online, however no sign of it here in Canada yet for us.  No new news available for EverQuest, hoping for an update tomorrow.


We wanted to let you know that our games will not be up this weekend. We are working around the clock to get our services back up and running soon. Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Finally! A concise, clear and INFORMATIVE update regarding the continued outage.  Thank you, finally, for hearing us when we asked for common courtesy and respecting that we have better thigns to do then refresh the page every hour looking for an update.  That said, raids are cancelled for Saturday and Sunday.  We'll revisit the issue on Monday as far as raids go, and bring you continued coverage on the EQ Apocalypse in the meantime.  Also, for present and alumni TR members, we have 2 Facebook groups for Township Rebellion.  Feel free to drop by my page and toss me a friend request, but be sure to include who you are!

p.s. someone leave a comment so i know its working.  thanks! :)


Late last night saw another trivial update from EverQuest's Facebook page:

 Unfortunately, we are unable to bring SOE services back online today. We regret the downtime.

Another in the growing list of updates telling us what we already figured out and sharing no useful information.  More information as we can find it...


Nine hours ago, the following update was posted to EverQuest's Facebook page:


We regret that we were unable to bring services back online today, and continue to work hard on the issue!

Once again, a meaningless update that shares no useful information, or even acknowledges the fact that they've already gone on record that services will be unavailable until at least Friday.  Someone over there, as usual, needs to get the left hand introduced to the right hand.  While I realize that they are most likely trying to stem the flood of outgoing customers, I wish they would realize that we are not all addicts shaking like a leaf waiting and refreshing their page every 2 minutes for another update that has no meaningful information and just makes them look like nobody has a clue.  Some of us actually value our time, and just want an honest correspondence.  Is that too much to ask?

For those of you who ARE planning on returning to EverQuest once the dust has settled, we are currently looking for a few new faces to join in on the remaining lengthy farm of House of Thule. Eager to find a home with a guild that has a longstanding track record of excellence that has also stood the test of time? Township Rebellion Recruitment is officially open!!

We are currently looking for:

* 2 bard, * 1 cleric, * 1 enchanter, * 2 rogues, * 2 shaman

We have filled applicant openings in most other classes. However, we are always looking for exceptionally talented applicants in any class, so if you feel you have what it takes, we may consider you. In most cases it will be very likely that you will be asked to reapply when we have openings.

We look for all of our potential applicants to be:

* Level 90
* 1500+ AA
* Bonus points given towards those who have put in time developing their character through quests, improved augments, clickers, flags, and keys.

We currently raid from 7:30pm EST to ~midnight EST, 6 days a week with Fridays as our designated off day.  If this does not mesh well with your lifestyle, then we are not the guild for you.

We will only even consider high playtime individuals with the flags, AA and gear to back it up. You aren't high playtime if you only have 100aa, so please don't waste our time. While flags and gear may be negotiable for the right candidate, there is no substitute for playtime.

For more information, please check out our application forum.

Today's Facebook updated posted to a "Frequently Asked Questions" page that SoE has published in regards to the continued EverQuest outage.  However, they avoid answering the most frequently asked question of all... when will the servers be back.  To read the notice, visit this link:


However, the most informative update, received not from SoE themselves, but via the San Diego Union-Tribune:

The PlayStation network breach came from an attack on a data center in San Diego. Taina Rodriguez, a Sony Online Entertainment spokeswoman, declined to say if PlayStation and Sony Online Entertainment shared the same data center.  “Our servers are different from the PSN servers,” she said. “We are operated separately. But since we’re both under the Sony umbrella, there is a degree of architecture that overlaps.”  Rodriguez added that Sony Online Entertainment’s network would be shut down until Friday and possibly longer. The company has contacted the FBI to investigate the attack.


How considerate of SOE to publish this important tidbit to their customers direct, but rather, make us hunt down this information that they offer freely to the local newspaper.  Since there is no sign of the EQ Apocalypse ending anytime soon, I have decided to preemptively cancel raids for Wednesday, May 4th AND Thursday, May 5th.  Normal raiding will resume on Saturday, May 7th given that SoE gets their act together and gets the servers back up and running.

Once again, Please take the following precautions:

1.  NEVER EVER respond to an email or phone call, whether it looks/seems legitimate or not, asking for your personal information, identification, banking information or credit card information.  One of the biggest fears related to this breach of security is the potential for phishing scams.  Trust me, if your banking information or credit card info goes inactive on your EverQuest account, they will let you know by cancelling your subscription, at which point you can call into the Support Center to reinstate your service.  They will NEVER contact you for this information and if someone does, its almost certainly a scam.

2.  If you use your EQ/sony station username and password combination anywhere else, change those passwords immediately.

3.  Monitor your credit card statement or bank statement for unusual activity.  Despite what Sony claims, we have at least 3 members with reported charges... could be coincidence, maybe not, but either way, take responsibility for your credit cards, and CHECK THEM CAREFULLY.

Hey folks, in response to many inquiries, we wanted to reassure you that all of your characters and items are safe and awaiting your return. We continue to work on the issues as fast as we can, but unfortunately the servers will not come up today. Thank you for your continued patience; we expect to be back up very soon.

This update was posted around 7pm PST, Tuesday May 3rd, 2011 on the Everquest Facebook page.


These updates that are coming out almost at the end of the day crack me up.  Thats two days now (out of 2) that they seem to think telling us just a couple hours, literally, before the end of the day that the servers won't be up, as if it is some major revelation.  I mean really, I'd rather they announce it mid-afternoon with a most likely or whatever, and be wrong, then wait til 10pm EST to let us know what we have already figured out.


We're working as hard as we can to get the servers up as soon as possible, but have no ETA at this time.

This update was posted at 11:29am, Tuesday May 3rd, 2011 on the Everquest Facebook page.

This is the latest update in the EQ Apocalypse.  We are recommending that if you use your same username/password combination that you use for EQ on any other site that you change it as a precaution.  Please also monitor your credit card/bank statement for any suspicious charges.  I'll be posting a decision later this afternoon about preemptively cancelling raids, but waiting to see if there's any news from Sony this afternoon.   As always, when the decision is made, will announce via here, the boards and the email announcements.

update: raids are cancelled for Tuedsay, May 3rd as the outage continues with no end in sight.