• CoV Tier 1 Kaput! #dragonsmash

    CoV Tier 1 Kaput! #dragonsmash

    We've been (im)patiently waiting for Claws of Veeshan raiding content to open up for some time now, having new dragons to beat is always an enticing challenge.  With the new delayed release structure of raids, which we 100% support, we no longer Read More
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Considering a Change of Scenery?

We're always looking for talented players with high playtime availability and a passion for EverQuest, but we have particular need for: 1 bard and a beastlord!

We just beat Tier 1 of CoV and are winding down our farm of Torment of Velious. In farm mode, we will include past content in our raiding rotation as needed to complete member achievements and other needs. We also do frequent hunter zone runs, off hours projects, maintain a collectibles bank, and work on obtaining special items such as achievements or highly desired items from days gone by. In short, we do our best to take care of our folks.

Read more about becoming an Eval with TR.

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