Need to talk about recruitment information? Trying to reach out about an Issue Tracker item? Questions about trade skill checklists or maxing your skills?

Contact Adetia in game via tell or in-game email at luclin.adetia or send an email here and she will get back to you at her earliest convenience.

Adetia resides in the MST/MDT timezone and is an avid video gamer from Alberta, Canada. In addition to leading the Township Rebellion guild for over a decade, she currently volunteers as the Project Administrator for the EverQuest Issue Tracker. Adetia has also been developing a series of checklists designed to assist you in maxing your tradeskills to the newly expanded ranks of 350 via recipe acquisition and is happy to "talk EQ shop" any time at all, but particularly during non raid hours.

Township Rebellion raids from 7:30pm EST to midnight, Sunday through Tuesday. We are always looking for exceptional players with the potential for high playtime.

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