The Apocalypse is over... EverQuest has returned.

Raids will resume on Monday.    Double xp, faction and increased rare spawns until May 22.


May 12, 2011

We thank you for your patience as we continue to work around the clock to restore our game services. We know this has been a frustrating time for you and appreciate your understanding as we work to confirm the security of our network.

In light of the recent outage of Sony Online Entertainment's game services due to April's cyber-attack, we are committed to compensating our loyal player base for the inconvenience caused by the data breach and lost game time while we improve our security measures.

We are currently in the process of an extensive upgrade to our network to further protect your information from future attacks. It will likely be at least a few more days before we restore our services, and when we come back online, here is what you can expect for each of our game services.

To read the remainder of this update, click here.

In light of this update, we are cancelling raids for the weekend, and will revisit the issue on Monday, provided there is new information available.    Also, for our US residents, Sony is providing identity theft protection (IRONIC considering the worst security breaches took place OUTSIDE the US.).  For more information about that program, click here.


(more deafening silence)

No new information has come forth today.  Therefore, cancelling raids for tonight, Thursday May 12.   Will make a decision tomorrow regarding the weekend once an update is released, if any is. 


All SOE games and sites are still offline as of May 11th and will not return today. Thank you again for your continued patience and support as we diligently work on these issues. Players with an active house will be credited one month of upkeep costs and the inactive period will be extended from 90 to 150 days. More information on SOE's "Make Good" plan to come!

No raids tonight as posted before (Wednesday), we'll see what comes tomorrow.  we're still accepting requests into our facebook groups, look us up, just be sure to let us know who you are when you send in the request or friend me!


(insert deafening silence here)

With no new information from Sony, and the information flow seemingly cut off today, we are cancelling raids for today, Wednesday May 11th.  It is looking unlikely that the servers will be up before the weekend, but its pure speculation at this point...


we're still accepting requests into our facebook groups, look us up, just be sure to let us know who you are when you send in the request or friend me!

We thank everyone for their continued patience as work continues on SOE services. They will not be up today, May 10th, but we are working as quickly as possible to resolve this.

As stated yesterday, raids for today, May 10th are cancelled.   Stay tuned for more information as we can find reliable sources.


SOE services will remain offline today. We continue to work diligently to bring things back as quickly as possible and appreciate your continued patience.

In light of this update (posted around 4pm EST), raids will be cancelled today, Monday May 9th and Tuesday, May 10th, as we are led to believe they will not be back tomorrow either.  Stay tuned for more information.

 Also, for present and alumni TR members, we have 2 Facebook groups for Township Rebellion.  Feel free to drop by my page and toss me a friend request, but be sure to include who you are!

p.s. Happy Birthday Tabris! :)