We wanted to let you know that our games will not be up this weekend. We are working around the clock to get our services back up and running soon. Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Finally! A concise, clear and INFORMATIVE update regarding the continued outage.  Thank you, finally, for hearing us when we asked for common courtesy and respecting that we have better thigns to do then refresh the page every hour looking for an update.  That said, raids are cancelled for Saturday and Sunday.  We'll revisit the issue on Monday as far as raids go, and bring you continued coverage on the EQ Apocalypse in the meantime.  Also, for present and alumni TR members, we have 2 Facebook groups for Township Rebellion.  Feel free to drop by my page and toss me a friend request, but be sure to include who you are!

p.s. someone leave a comment so i know its working.  thanks! :)