Back to T2, and it is now clear!  Since my last posting, we've been back to kill MightyMouse a couple of times and pounded Grummus down as well.  It seems like lately we just keep finding new and different ways to unintentionally break the scripts and then have to find a good workaround to salvage the raid.  Hopefully more of these problems will be corrected soon!  Here's some action shots for those of you who have not enjoyed the fights first hand yet.



We are currently recruiting in most classes, and our hunt for a talented DRUID continues!!  We also have a particular need for tanks and big damage generators, as well as a bard who doesn't forget to log in every other day ;)  If you're considering a change of scenery, are looking to get into raiding current content, or are interested in learning more about TR, please contact Adetia in game at luclin.adetia