Many of you may have noticed that our site has been up and down more then an elevator in a 200 story building.  Our web hosting company suffered a malicious attack but things should have stabilized now.  This has also impacted adetia's ability to receive email - if you've been trying to reach her, your best bet is to contact her in game, or ingame email.  We are hoping this instability is now behind us, and thank everyone for their patience!

We went in to check out T2 last night, and knocked over Emollious with ease, which abled us to fast track our flagging by quite a bit. For those that haven't gotten to see it firsthand here's a couple snaps, however, we were a little sidetracked and didn't get any "action shots" this time.  I did however inadvertently trigger the next raid shortly thereafter, which as you can see yielded amusing results!!  Poor Drizerker!  note: you can click on any photos on our site and they will be enlargened for easier viewing.

We are currently recruiting in most classes, with a particular need for tanks and big damage generators, as well as a DRUID (Do you exist!?!)   If you're considering a change of scenery, are looking to get into raiding current content, or are interested in learning more about TR, please contact Adetia in game at luclin.adetia


 And if you've made it this far, I will leave this in closing, as something I have never seen before in all my years of EQ:  The Drizerker Corpsefest.....