Rogue burns RoS+

28 May 2018 13:48 #124498 by griis
griis created the topic: Rogue burns RoS+
Someone asked me to make a post on my rogue buttons. I am currently using thiis set up.

click order: /epic burning salad (225 haste), assassin's premonition, blooddrinker's coating, crit glyph (60%)

then we go into our burn sequence --

/disc twisted chance
/alt act 1412 (TS)
/alt act 3514 (Rogue's Fury)
/alt act 378 (Focused Rake's Rampage, if you want make a redundant key for AE use 829 instead of 378.
/disc dichotomic weapons

/alt act 1506
/disc pinpoint shortcomings rk. II

/alt 3515
/disc skorpikis rk. II

click order is always assassin's premonition, blooddrinker's, /epic, /burn, /flank, /blades can be hit prior.

when twisted chance drops go into frenzied stabbing, then ragged edge, when ragged edge is at half-life click it off, go into knifeplay, the executioner's to finish.

hit knifeplay as soon as it is back up always. this is veryy important. can use weapon's covenant or aculeus after executioner's until Kniifeplay is available.

as soon as rogue's fury is back up hit /burn and it will overwrite knifeplay.

*never hit twisted and third spire alone unless there is only 30 seconds left in the event and you will NOT be able to use fury.*


Modef - Assassin's premonition and /dichotomic weapons
Apoloz- Had me switch to twisted from frenzied <3 more burst dmg.



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