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To set your information, like I have above, you would do the following.

A. Setting your Custom Avatar (this is the picture that appears in the circle, and thereafter, next to your post heading.

In the White Bar above, click "Profile" and then on Edit.
Switch to the Avatar image tab.
Hit Browse, and find the image on your computer that you wish to use, and upload it.
Click Save.
Your avatar should now appear.

B, and C. To add social integration (there are ten zillion options here, not just facebook and twitter like i've shown in the example above), birthday or location information:

In the White Bar above, click "Profile" and then on Edit.
Click on the Profile Information tab.

Enter any appropriate information.
For the social integration part, just enter your "handle" for each type of social media. Example: For facebook, I just put "adetia" since that is my id there.

Note: If you'd like your birthday to appear on the TR calendar, drop ade a note with your birthday :)
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