Recruitment Status/Need:

Bard: High Beastlord: High Berserker: Inquire Cleric: Moderate
Druid: Inquire Enchanter: Inquire Mage: High Monk: Inquire
Necro: Inquire Paladin:
Inquire Ranger: Inquire Rogue Inquire
SK: Inquire Shaman: Inquire Warrior: Inquire Wizard: Moderate

We're looking for talented players in many classes with high playtime availability, but we have particular need for:  Bards, Beastlords, and Mages. Did we say Bards? All the bards! We're looking for:  1 beastlord (do you exist!), 1-2 bards, 1 mage, 1 druid - druid spots come almost never in TR, and I could possibly have my arm twisted into 1 cleric, 1 wizard or necromancer for the right applicant - oh, and a partridge in a pear tree for my guild hall decorations [IMG]

We are always on the lookout for exceptional applicants with the potential for high attendance in any class.

We are currently in preparation mode for Nights of Shadows, with TOL on Farm Status.  During new content mode we raids Sunday to Wednesday, and we prioritize new content and keeping lockouts cleared while sneaking in other projects where possible.  In farm mode, we will include past content in our raiding rotation as needed to complete member achievements and other needs. We also do frequent hunter zone runs, off hours projects, maintain a collectibles bank, and work on obtaining special items such as achievements or highly desired items from days gone by. In short, we do our best to take care of our folks. 


Application Requirements:

* Level 120
* High playtime. We tend to run a much leaner roster then other guilds by design, so you have a chance to be a rock star in your class, but we also need you to be online. We only require 60% raid attendance from our members to maintain loot rights. If you are not online for raids you are expected to post your anticipated absences, particularly so as an applicant.
* Quick casting invis item
* Quick casting shrink item
* We Require the use of GINA for audio triggers.
* All incoming applicants are required to use teamspeak. You do not have to have a microphone or ever talk, but we do need you to be able to "listen in".
* We have a Discord server available for those who wish to participate, but do not use it for voice chat (see teamspeak above.)

* Bonus points given towards those who have put in time developing their character through quests, improved augments, clickers, flags, and keys
* Updated Magelo

Our Schedule:
Our new content raiding schedule is formally 7:30pm EST to ~midnight EST, 3 days a week, Sunday through Tuesday, with Wednesdays sprinkled in as needed.  In farm time, we drop Wednesdays from the formal schedule.  We prefer at least 80% raiding attendance from all of our applicants (barring prearranged/expected absences), so that we can properly evaluate your suitability and fit for the guild. While flags, AA, raiding experience and gear may be negotiable for the right candidate, there is no substitute for playtime. We believe in a fairly trim roster by design so that you get to raid, not just ride the bench with a dozen of your neighbors. ;)

You can find more information about our application process here.

Or, If you are interested in applying to Township Rebellion please contact Adetia or Drizerker in game, or email Adetia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can either register on this site and use the "Contact Adetia" tab to send in your application or you can use good oldfashioned email ;)