How to get Started?

This post assumes you have your tradeskills evolved to the standard 300 mark (not the newly released 350 progression).  NOTE: It is possible/extremely likely that you will NOT need a maxed out trophy to finish, so dont stress out over that just yet if you arent done with that part.

First, determine if you have the prerequisites complete:

Prerequisite #1:  Earring of the Solstice:  This achievement is located:  Shadows of Luclin -> Quests -> Earring of the Solstice
Prerequisite #2:  Eron's Jewelry:   This achievement is located:  Secrets of Faydwer -> Quests -> Eron's Jewelry ** See Note 2
Prerequisite #3:  Signet of Arcane:   This achievement is located:  Planes of Power -> Quests -> Signet of Arcane ** See Note 3

NOTE 2: Eron Nurwistle will now allow you to start his series of quests over if you have somehow misplaced your jewelry.  If you have his jewelry but no achievement, simply hail him to update. (or might need to hand it in, not sure, will find out).

NOTE 3:  If you have your Signet of Arcane or Signet of Might in your inventory or bank, simply have it on you, and go hail Aid Grimel, if no update still, you can swap between the signets by handing them back to Councilman Taldarius. (Make sure it is NOT AUGGED first.).  Since I had the melee form, Signet of Might, I had to do that, then I just swapped it back. (again, make sure it is not augged).

I will take a quick moment to say that if you do not have the prerequisites done, it may seem overwhelming to try to move along here, but its really not too bad at all if you just work on one objective at a time, and the reward is definitely worth the trouble!   And if you run into difficulties along the way, please feel free to email me!

Prerequisite #1:  Earring of the Solstice

If complete, skip on to Prerequisite #2.

For this quest you will need to combine these 9 items in a FORGE:

  1. Blessed Fishing Rod
  2. Ceremonial Solstice Robe
  3. Demi-Sec Champagne
  4. Golden Idol of Tunare
  5. Lotus Pie
  6. Lucky Cabbage
  7. Mistletoe Cutting Sickle
  8. Misty Thicket Picnic
  9. Star Ruby Encrusted Stein

After you have combined them you will receive the druid spell (trash it if you aren't a druid) and Xanthe's Earring of Nature which you will need to take to Fungus Grove and turn in to Rebecca Cabbageleaf to receive your Earring of the Solstice.  When this is complete, bag it for later.

Check the bazaar to see if any of the items you need are for sale (they are all tradable), or ask around in guild chat if anyone has any parts they can donate to your charitable cause.  :P  If not, its off to camp and create you go!

Prerequisite #2:  Eron's Jewelry

This is a multi-stage quest that you will have to work on, a section at a time basically, running you through each skills.  
Each stage will require you to have ~250 in that respective skill.

Before you begin you need to ensure that you can easily have a top level inventory slot available as you will be doing alot of combines on the fly with different containers throughout the task.  The top level slot, by the way, needs to be one of your top 8 (the extra bag slots did not exist when this quest came out). Clean out your bags.  There are alot of pieces and parts to this one.  Have your trophies and skill modifiers as its possible (and probable) that you will fail at least one combine so be diligent about equipping them before doing the various combines, and remember each step, the final combine will be JC not the base skill you used to get that far.  As you are camping items, loot extras of things you get spares for just in case you need them to potentially save you a return trip -- i.e. if you are camping ores but get extra jewels, save the jewels in case.

Stage 1:  Getting Started (Jewelry)
KEEP THIS JEWELRY KIT until you are done with this quest, and use it to combine your final jewelry combine each time.  Also be aware, that most stages of this quest require you to scribe a book that Eron gives you, so look at the books, if there is a scribe option you will need to do that prior to doing the combines (or the combines wont work).

Allakhazam's Quest Entry for Stage 1

Stage 2: Pottery:
Allakhazam's Quest Entry for Stage 2

Stage 3: Baking

Allakhazam's Quest Entry for Stage 3
I highly recommend doing this quest in this way:

  1. Get all your fish, but take the time to get one extra of all fishes and FOUR extra prawns, as you will consume these to make the recipes, but still have to have the full load of fish for the turnins to work.   You will also need to gather:  2 Jungle Pineapples, 1 Agaricus Mushroom, and 2 Ranthock Wheat
  2. Once you have your fish and the stockpile items, gather/create these tradeskill tools:
  3. Buy these items in these quantities, (if you fail a combine just rebuy what you need, and at the end you wont have a big mess to fix in your bags):
    • 1 bongo's hot chili spice (sold in pok by ALCHEMY vendor, everything else is on cooking/brewing vendors)
    • 7 Spices (baking)
    • 5 cup of sugar (baking)
    • 1 cask (brewing)
    • 1 brandy (baking)
    • 3 white wine (baking)
    • 7 water flask
    • 2 vinegar
    • 1 ground garlic
    • 1 sweet green pepper
    • 5 onion
    • 6 cup of flour
    • 7 bottle of milk
    • 4 rennet
    • 1 lemon
    • 1 yeast
    • 1 rock salt
    • 1 hot red pepper
    • 1 garlic
    • 2 tomato
    • You will also need to have a couple of eggs on hand to make Mixed Eggs.

When you are ready to do your combines, refer to the Comment from Timoleous on this thread: 

Allakhazam's Quest Entry for Stage 3

Note:  the final combine is:   Eron's Simple Second Setting jewelry + Eron's Reconfiguration Pattern + Uncut Combine Star in jewelry bag, trivial 250.

Stage 4:  Smithing

Allakhazam's Quest Entry for Stage 4

The combines on this one are not as clear as some of the other posts - make sure you do the setting in the forge, not your JC bag.  Only the final combine is in the JC bag.

Setting combine is:
Smithing Components: Eron's Configurable Tertiary Setting Mold, Refined Magnetized Scrap Metal, Refined Steamwork Oil   In: Forge
Trivial at: 400

EQ Traders Listing for Setting combine

Stage 5:  Fletching

Allakhazam's Quest Entry for Stage 5

I highly recommend doing the quest in this way (I revamped and clarified these instructions over the course of 50 people following them):

While you are camping up your counting pages, make sure you kill a few SoS mobs to get the Swirling Shadow Essences to have later (you will need later this stage).  Melee, you can have a wiz merc set to AE or simply use your AE ability when standing near a spawnpoint (I chose to do this with the room that had 2 spawns), to activate them.

You'll need to camp one box each from DSH, HoS and LP. 

Once you have all three boxes, and gathered your ingredients, you'll want to head to the altar in hills of shade.  Pay special attention to the comment from kiniene about how to combine the boxes and place them as you will almost certainly mess it up without pre-reading about it. 

SPECIAL NOTE:  I highly recommend putting the COMBINED BOXES in your inventory in a SPECIFIC ORDER AND KEEPING THEM THAT WAY until you are done that part so you dont accidentally put the wrong box in the wrong place and end up having to do it all over.

DO NOT USE THE LOOT ALL BUTTON - you will not properly loot the items, you HAVE to loot them individually.
In addition, make sure your /hidecorpse ALL is not turned on - we had someone have a problem with this.

In an attempt to make this easier to understand, this the procedure I always recommend following, but, know that if you do not follow my instructions exactly as written, you are likely facing KABOOM.  If its easier for you to follow along from the posted link/comments so be it.

1. Gather your 3 boxes, 1 each from the three zones.
2. Gather your materials:  1 Celestial Essence, 1 Vodka and 1 Juice of Quellious.
3. Head to the Altar.  (remember: keep your boxes in order in your bags from this moment forward)
4. Combine Box 1 + celestial essence at MIDNIGHT game time and return to your bag in order.
5. At 1 am game time combine Box 2 + vodka and return to your bag in order.
6. At NOON game time combine Box 3 + juice of quellious and return to your bag in order.
7. Face the LONG side of the altar, and right click box 1 to place it in the center.
8. Move west of the altar, and face it, and right click box 2 to place it on the west side.
9. Move east of the altar, and face it, and right click box 3 to place it on the east side.
10.  Check game time.  Wait one hour, checking frequently, to make sure that the time won't change on you while you are opening.  If you were careful and reasonably quick with your placements, it will still be noon.  So, you'd wait til 1pm.  If its 1pm, you'd wait until 2.  Why? Because if you open the noon box, and it ticks to 1pm, KABOOM and you start over.
11.  Open the proper box, according to game time.

  • At 1pm: open Box 2 (WEST)
  • At 2pm: open Box 3 (EAST)
  • At 3pm: open Box 1 (CENTER)
  • At 4pm: open Box 2 (WEST)
  • At 5pm: open Box 3 (EAST)
  • If you need other times, check the comment from kiniene in the linked post above.

If you opened the box and you died, you didnt follow the instructions exactly as posted.
If you opened the box and did not die, then you need to loot the items from your box.  If you lived, you succeeded.

Stage 6:  Brewing  (You're coming down the home stretch, now!)

Allakhazam's Quest Entry for Stage 6

Before you head to do your final combine and turnin, grab a sewing kit so you are ready for stage 7.

Stage 7:  Tailoring

Allakhazam's Quest Entry for Stage 7

With the sewing kit you should have on you, make sure you do the first combine in Steam Factory:  Go to the four "circle rooms" where the generators are, or whatnot, and go to the NW circle.  Clear the room of garbage, and then, standing close to the machine, do your combine. (twice).  Then proceed onward with the quest


Prerequisite #3:  Aid Grimel

Note: To begin this quest, you will have to have the flag from killing Bertoxxulous and rescuing Mylik and Adler (I think). You must also have an unmodified skill of 220 in Blacksmithing.  By the end of the quest, you will be at 220 in every skill required and will need to have finished your planar flags.

Again, this is  a series of quests that will take you through each skill (which must be at 220), and requires planar flagging.
Allakhazam's Quest Entry for Aid Grimel Part 1 - Blacksmithing

Allakhazam's Quest Entry for Aid Grimel Part 2 - Brewing

Allakhazam's Quest Entry for Aid Grimel Part 3 - Jewelcraft

Allakhazam's Quest Entry for Aid Grimel Part 4 - Pottery

Allakhazam's Quest Entry for Aid Grimel Part 5 - Tailoring

Allakhazam's Quest Entry for Aid Grimel Part 6 - Fletching

Allakhazam's Quest Entry for Aid Grimel Part 7 - Baking


Also, if you are having trouble with your planar flags, etc, please refer to this page:

There is also a very nice parser on there that will tell you exactly what you are missing.
update from ade:  best way to run this parser is to rename your log and start fresh with just the seer's text, will help with the crashing.

NOTE:  As of February 2017 this link doesn't seem to be working; I'll replace it with one that does soon!

So now, if you've been following along with the class, you are ready to move on to The Artisan's Wares.


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