We're working as hard as we can to get the servers up as soon as possible, but have no ETA at this time.

This update was posted at 11:29am, Tuesday May 3rd, 2011 on the Everquest Facebook page.

This is the latest update in the EQ Apocalypse.  We are recommending that if you use your same username/password combination that you use for EQ on any other site that you change it as a precaution.  Please also monitor your credit card/bank statement for any suspicious charges.  I'll be posting a decision later this afternoon about preemptively cancelling raids, but waiting to see if there's any news from Sony this afternoon.   As always, when the decision is made, will announce via here, the boards and the email announcements.

update: raids are cancelled for Tuedsay, May 3rd as the outage continues with no end in sight.