The July 2022 Scorched Sky Celebration has introduced a new set of Overseer Agents.  Please note that these appear at the BOTTOM of your Agent listing.
Here's a checklist for your reference:

Elite (Purple): 1**
Avatar of Solusek Ro

Rare (Blue):  1**
Carlene Snizzlefriz

Uncommon (Green):  1**
Char the Burnt

Common (Grey): 9** 
Solusek Fighter
Solusek Sage
Solusek Priest
Seeker of Ro
Blazing Elemental
Weary Traveler
Soldier of Fire
Magma Giant

Scorched Sky agents are available for purchase via the Marketplace under the listing:
overseer pack

They may be also other ways to gain access to them including missions for the celebration and via the overseer process itself - there are new recruitment missions that will offer the new agents as well.  Unlike previous new agent releases, you cannot obtain these by converting existing agents.

** Information still in the process of gathering, this may be an incomplete list.

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