The event of the hour:  Today sees another server merge, which is a pretty notable event in EQ, which will see the combination of Luclin and Stromm.  Fortunately, the powers that be circled back and kept the Luclin name, much to the joy of some of our long term Luclinites!  We welcome our new neighbors from Stromm and look forward to meeting you all around the water cooler.  As most of you know, the merge also brings free character moves, so for those of you looking for a new home, we're looking for you!

Our current recruiting needs are:  cleric, druid, enchanter, magician, monk, necromancer, paladin, shaman, and warrior...  however, we are always looking for exceptionally talented candidates in any class!  We raid from 7:30pm est to midnight, 6 days a week (no fridays), so if this fits in with your lifestyle and you are looking for a change, don't miss the opportunity to talk to Adetia, Ormus or Ironlung about our current roster openings.   Please refer to our application boards for additional information.  There hasn't been a better time to make a move in quite a long time so don't miss it!

It's been awhile since I've posted an update, with everything else that's been going on, so here we go... Our last posted kill here on the site was Fippy and Unburrowing back in December, and rest assured, we've been busy since then!    January saw the fall of The Beast, and Masked Invaders -- can I get a badger badger badger anyone?  -- went down in March.  Since then we've taken down Brath, Guardian of the Hive, and The Cliknar Queen!  With my unexpected travels and everything else going on this Spring, my updating has fallen to a new all time low ;) Rest assured though, you'll still find us cracking away at it in game!  This spring has seen several patches designed to fix, tweak, and tune the first few events in Underfoot, and some of these have gone much better then others for sure...  however there are still many events with glaring exploits that have yet to be addressed, and it is our hope that these will be corrected soon.



This expansion has easily been one of the most borked up releases we've seen in years, in terms of chaos and overtuned encounters and the "spreadsheet" math model taking over encounters.  We've seen some interesting events this spring as a result, with the famous suspension that almost was, and some parts of the Sony staff continuing to refuse to take any meaningful position on the flagrant happenings out there. One readily apparent "easy out" for them would simply to put clarifying comments in the patch notes regarding these abuses when events are altered, say, like:  "Fixed Fungal Corruption to prohibit bypassing the first phase of the event".  It assigns no direct blame, keeps Sony clean of any real position, states the facts, and lets people make up their own mind about what is going on out there... but alas, probably wishful thinking!

Now some may say, yeah yeah TR just wants things nerfed and made easier, because that's the line they love to haul out, but the reality is:  the top 10 guilds will bang their head against whatever brick wall is thrown at us for however long it takes, but there's alot of folks out there that simply won't.  Now I'm all for this second tier of raids and higher being harder, but the first round simply needed to be brought down a notch (or 10) to make some of this content accessible, so am I glad for alot of the changes that have been made there?  Absolutely.  It helps keep the game healthy.  In this time of another server merge, guilds continuing to fall off the horse, players in alot of guilds serverwide retiring because they don't like where Sony is taking us, the signs are on the wall that something needed to be done, and the efforts made so far are a step in the right direction, but there are still several raids that are just simply a big hot mess.

On another note, I expect another update from TR soon!