Well, we're almost a week in on Ring of Scale, and we've cleared the first two raids and marching onward towards both the holidays and gathering up more Tier 1 flags, while having a lot of fun navigating new content and dodging bugs and broken things. 


Despite a massive experience bug, the saviour bug, etc, we've been enjoying questing, gathering up new gear, and fighting new raids.  Server stability has been better then expected given the Luclin hamster trying to give it up on an almost daily basis prior to RoS launch.  Hopefully the patch to fix the rez bug, and then subsequent fixes will be coming soon for the Saviour/heroic problems. 

We're still looking for a cleric, a superstar shaman, and a beastlord, if any exist. ;)

We scored third serverwide on this big cactus dude, but Drowtoy was sad we did not have our matching cactus hats yet to complete the look.