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Written by Krink

Apologies for the delay I honestly had this written weeks ago but I didn’t want to fight with the images! So here is our expansion update. But I'm blaming it on Chandon because he buffs random mobs. 

Wednesday, January 22th was the launch of part 2 of the Call of the Forsaken expansion. This tier brought some new raids and group missions to the table but no new zones. So we got to take part two of bixie(they used an old school bixie model and it was awesome, West Karana(we learned we helped the bad guys), Dead Hills (undead fun) and Neriak(kill some trash then kill some more!). The new raids were fairly fun and went down in an orderly manner. On the first night of the expansion we beat down raids from Neriak, Bixie and Dead Hills returning night two to finish West Karana. This brought us up in 8th place serverwide this launch. So with the conclusion of the raid content we have /farmstatus on again and are raking in loot like it’s going out of style! Below are some pictures of the fun.