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Name: Starcow
Level: 110
Class: Cleric
AA: 24000 spent 22800 assigned

Unbuffed HP:13k
Unbuffed AC: 14326
Unbuffed Mana: 142915
Current Server: Luclin
Current Guild: Unguilded
List highest year Veteran Rank AA you have on this character:
Day's Played: (/played): 303 days / 8 years entitled

References within TR (if you have any): Revolutia

I'm interested in joining township rebellion because: have a few years to dedicate. Loved TR even when I was a kid (use to read forums and such ect. ) Awesome name of course 3:8). List can go on*.

These are the circumstances surrounding my desire to leave my current guild and/or why I left my last guild: guilds blew up from the past on zek Mindset and Pandimonium. Antonyus bayle : D'pikyyy the guild blew up as well over time ( raided and killed last boss of broken mirrior )

This is my guild history (include years you belonged to each guild): mindset , Pandamonium, D'pikyy

This is the experience I've had raiding and with my class: trial by fire , people pass down info, pretty much stay flexable and keep an open mind.

What is the highest level of raid content you've personally experienced? end game content on RoF, CoTF, TBS, and TBM raided and beat them with the guilds stated above

Here are my playtimes/raid availability - note: our formal schedule is Sunday through Weds 7:30pm to midnight, EST. This is the schedule we maintain for new content. We raid much less frequently when in full farm mode: I'm good all days for a year. and I'm glad to have fri and sat to my wife which is great :). Military and work during the day Projected about a year out. Currently retiring from the Airforce.

Estimated raid attendance %: 80-90% this year might go down after that accordling to RL and juggling

Do you have your 1.5, 2.0, or 2.5? If you are working on 1.5 or 2.0, what is your status?
If you are a melee, what weapons are you using? Have cleric epics but not 2.5 as of this time

TBM Progression: need 1 more flag to complete smoke
What level is your dichotomic ability currently?
Is your Lesser Spirit Armor complete?
Have you finished your Eyes of Life and Decay augment? If no, what do you still need?

EoK/RoS Progression:
Do you have Essence of the Dragon 1 or 2? : currently doing the essence of the dragon need a few of the partisans and will be doing that on my off time
Have you acquired your Forgotten Gemstone? negative on this am working with Revolutia
Do you have Nathsar Diamond? : negative on this
Is your VP key complete? : negative on this

TBL Progression:
What level of the new dicho (dissident) do you have? : it just shows 1/1 as of right now
Do you have TBL group progression finished? : almost flagged for meratos : just need last trial of smoke : and 1 or 2 missions for meratos
How many TBL raid flags do you have? : just fire raid from general.

General Character Development: note: These are for information only to give us a general summary of where you are.
Currently in Arkansas. In the military moved from a few bases Georgia , Japan, and korea.
How many trophy slots have you opened?
What is the status of your Hero's fortitude, resolution and vitality?
Do you have any Circle of Guardian, Life, Mana or Power clickers?

Have you done your tradeskills? : I have had a friend help me
Do you have your shawl 3.0? : yes on shawl upgraded to the augment that saves mana when you cast
Do you have Crestras? : Revolutia is setting me up with this
Do you have your artisans prize? : Revolutia is setting me up with this

My favorite expansion is (and why): they are all awesome due to the people you are around.

What is your most memorable moment in EQ? of course the beginning . Beginning was scars of velious some good days :)

What sets you apart from others in your class? Why should we choose you? If your good well , awesome there is one thing we all have in common. We are flexable. Something happens

When did you first start playing EQ? Was this character always your main? Are you the original owner of the account?

Do you have any major life events on the horizon? (Graduation, relocation, job change, etc): in one year I will be retiring form the military which I am excited for. I would love to get a GS job to get double pay check for doing way less work muahaha. I will be jousting for our times. Nothing too threatening. I will let you guys know ahead of time nothing secret.

Additional Information: Pretty larger than life to be with Township. Use to read and dream of being apart of the TR guild long ago :) I hope I get selected to be part of the team :)

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11 Feb 2019 19:20 #125438 by adetia
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thank you for your app - moving this to my personal file cabinet in another day or so, but wanted to acknowledge receipt - we typically do not post these publicly! :)
The following user(s) said Thank You: Starcow

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